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About Fortis Group

Fortis Group is a strategic partner and a global network of promising startups focused on business growth and changing the world.

Since its founding, partnership has been at the heart of our business model. We help drive business success for our partners, including startups and entrepreneurial organizations that support them, through a variety of programs, including a global program that helps fast-track the success of early stage startups with all the right resources, including technology, support & marketing visibility. Primary areas of focus include:

Workforce Development:

The Skills development programs focuses on intellec­tual capital and people enablement with technical and business courses for local companies and structured employment programs.

Industry Partnerships:

The Partnership program focuses on enabling successful partnerships by connecting people and organizations. The Fortis Centers do this by offering programs on partnering with other successful companies, and by cultivating local and regional industry alliances that support the growth of ‘industry clusters’.

Solutions and Innovation:

The Innovation program focuses on enhancing local capac­ity for innovation through hands on engagements. This includes labs, prototype development, startups, partners, students, and entrepreneurs.

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