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Deeper Capital Markets Hold Key to Asia's $800 Billion Question

Apr 13, 2017 02:14 PM EDT

Here's how emerging Asia can unlock $800 billion in extra funding per year, McKinsey & Co. says: by developing deeper capital markets.

Asian economies from Vietnam to Indonesia can certainly use the funds--as much as $300 billion in the government sector, with the rest in the private sector--to lift millions out of poverty and provide much-needed infrastructure development, the consulting firm said in a report.

''Asian countries do not yet have access to predictable capital market funding at scale, and investors lack the financial instruments to deploy long-term savings,'' McKinsey said.

In the report, McKinsey looked at key performance metrics for twelve large Asian economies. The conclusion is that, while the likes of Japan and Australia rank pretty high, others including China and Vietnam have some extra homework to do to take advantage of their significant savings capacity.

Please read the rest of the article from Bloomberg here.


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